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Pixelbug will continously monitor the page

We can take a fresh snapshot of the page as often as every 5 minutes, or just on a daily basis.


We will notify you when the page changes

We'll send you an email with details of the change, a deeper dive in the Pixelbug dashboard is only a click away.

Google Chrome

Works with any website

We're using a real, modern webbrowser to access the pages we monitor. This ensures that cutting edge websites, using modern frontend frameworks can be monitored as well.

...even with websites that require authentication

Pixelbug can optionally fill out login forms before taking snapshots, this allows you to monitor pages that are only visible to users that are logged in.

A login page

Powerful difference visualization tools

Sample diff

What can you do with Pixelbug?

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  • Monitor unintended regressions on your landing pages
  • Be the first to know if a CSS change had unexpected side effects
  • Keep an eye on competitor websites
  • Know as soon as a new product goes on sale


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  • 24 hr update interval
  • Monitor 1 page
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  • 1 hr update interval
  • Monitor 5 pages
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  • 1 hr update interval
  • Monitor 20 pages
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  • 5 min update interval
  • Monitor 50 pages
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